Thursday 12 September 2013

Landmarks 2013 (Update)

Well, that's us midway through September now so I thought that I'd check and see if anyone other than Bridge Club (Part I & Part II) had made any progress on this year's photo challenge?

I've been sorting through my photos and I've picked out nearly enough to complete the categories that I came up with in an earlier post. A few more and I'll have done the whole thing, and I'm hoping to get those I'm missing this weekend if the weather's half decent. Once I've the full set I'll post them up here.

This time around I didn't set out to take specific shots, rather I just took photos as normal and then sorted through the results to see what would work. I think that way they are less posed than if I'd set out with a specific idea in mind, and I'm far too lazy to go to all that effort anyway. How you decide to create your own photos is entirely up to you. Interesting is better than artistic, and feel free to edit them however you like.

Even if you don't manage to get everything on the list, don't worry, I'm sure that we'd still like to see whichever ones you did manage to come up with. Don't forget, there will be a small something awarded for some of the photos that I like best, regardless of whether you complete the whole challenge or not. Please note, the choice will be that of a Benevolent Dictator. My rules, my decision.

So, let us know how you are getting on.

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