Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Biker Barbie

Whenever you think you've seen it all

Product Information:
Gift your baby girl the Harley-Davidson #4 2000 Barbie and instill in her the feel of the outgoing confident woman right from her childhood. This Harley-Davidson Barbie doll stands 11 inches tall, with a slender figure making her look gorgeous. This Harley-Davidson barbie wears a black and orange jacket and a black and white tee with emblazoned official Harley-Davidson logo. The Harley Davidson print scarf, motorcycle helmet and black motorcycle boots make this Harley-Davidson Barbie doll look like a perfect rider. The motorcycle helmet, backpack and cool black wrap-around sunglasses add to the rugged look of this Harley-Davidson barbie. The Harley-Davidson #4 2000 Barbie's silvery hoop earrings add a dash of sexiness to her attire.

(Spotted on eBay)

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