Sunday 9 February 2014

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Some more deliveries this week for my Dnepr rebuild.

First up, was this pair of second-hand rear shock absorbers that I had found on eBay. The seller was breaking a whole bike and these were listed with a ridiculously low starting price, so I stuck in a bid.  Luckily no one else was interested and I got them for about the price of a couple of pints of beer. One abstentious Saturday night and that’s them paid for.

new shocks and new rubber seals
Even though the original ones were quite rusty I hadn’t been intending on replacing them. I had found a seal refurbishment kit a while ago and was planning on just stripping them down, cleaning them up, and then rebuilding them. I may still do that, but in the meantime I now have some spares.

badly pitted with rust
These new ones differ from the ones I already have only in that they do not have the upper chrome shrouds. I believe that the factory used both types depending on the market that the bike was destined for, and I now have a pair of each.

chrome shrouds

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