Sunday 16 October 2011

Double Trouble

Okay. Any ideas on what this is, besides the obvious? Was it a special, a factory design that didn't go anywhere, or did someone just decide to bolt two Bonneville (?) engines together to see if it could be done?

I imagine that this vibrates a bit when you start it up.

(from Gibs-Art)


  1. I'm imagining it's a home brew, seen others that were similar. Seems this would be the harder route to go compared to the one behind the other dragstrip versions. Of course this method keeps the wheelbase stock, so you might be able to corner it. I like the symmetry of Triumph motors that allows heads to be installed backwards and cams to be swapped fore and aft. It would be interesting to see details of how the two motors are coupled. Depending on how the cranks are "phased" (I think that is the proper term) it could be a real shaker. Looks like they pulled it off without big frame mods.

  2. It would have to be a home special....if it were factory I'm sure it would be at the NMM in Brum like the Triumph 1000/4.

    Whoever did it has got some serious skills!