Wednesday 26 October 2011



  1. That's most definately a victory for style.


  2. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one years ago, and bought it not realizing what I had purchased until a day or two later. I bought a Roy Bacon book on BSA's at Tower books, and I flipped it open to the page that had the Spitfire/Rocket Scramblers and just about fell over. I assumed it was just an A-10 with some after market pipes and mods for dirt. The man I bought it from said "Please don't tell me later that I sold you a "Goldstar" or something valuable." I assured him he hadn't sold me a Goldstar because it was a twin and the wrong size. Little did I know it was probably rarer than a Goldstar. I got it running with a carb clean out and a little magneto work. It is very quick, in fact too quick for the ineffectual "half-brake" that came on mine. Yeah Bodger, my Victor tank has been sitting on that bike for about 15-16 years now. I got it running with that tank.Maybe I'll get to it this weekend and get some pics I'll post at my blog. I've seen some very nicely restored examples of this bike at local shows. Oh yeah, the best part.. $250.00 and a small pickup truck load of other msc. bike stuff.

  3. It's always good when someone has something and they don't even know what they've got. Thatwas a good find and deal.