Sunday 30 October 2011

No Pictures

I needed to go to Glasgow today and had decided last night that, if the weather wasn’t too grim (ie. raining), I’d go on the bike.  

So, this morning when I woke to a clear, if cold day, I dug the Triumph Sprint out of the shed and set off. I took mainly back roads and, as it was fairly quiet, I pottered along enjoying the late autumn colours.

This is where you should be looking at all of the photos I took. But I lost my camera on the way home. To make taking photos easier I had stashed my small digital camera in my jacket pocket. This meant that I could stop, dig it out, and snap away, without having to get off and rummage around in my top-box every time I wanted to take a photo.

However, I mustn’t have closed the zip properly the last time I put the camera away, and riding along the Edinburgh City By-Pass (a motorway in everything but name), I felt a bump on my thigh. Looking down, I was just in time to see my camera slide off my leg and disappear onto the road. A glance in my mirror showed it bouncing along towards the central reservation.

I did think about going back for it, but two things stopped me. I wasn’t exactly sure where it had ended up, and dodging about in the fast lane of a motorway looking for it didn’t strike me as a particularly good idea.

So, I’ve nothing to show for my day, and I now need a new camera. 

Oh, well. It’s nearly Xmas!

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