Monday, 24 October 2011

Museum Pieces

Some more photos from the motor museum at Wanaka, New Zealand.

Honda Cubs (and much more)
collection of Jawas
NZ army Harley_Davidson

NZ army Indian
Corgi folding motorcycle and sidecar


  1. Interesting looking place.....have a lot of machines in there on display?

  2. It's enormous. A lot of the stuff on display is so tightly packed together that it's all but impossible to get a closer look. Cars, bikes, bicycles, toys, aircraft, tanks. It's like some guy started collecting stuff, didn't know when to stop, and decided to throw it open to the public as an excuse afterwards.

  3. The bikes look 'well used' and as if they could be taken out onto the road at any time. I hate seeing over restored 'museum pieces'. Bikes are for riding, not for looking at.