Saturday, 22 June 2013

Inside Out

MZ ETZ250 getting some attention on a campsite. Norman might recognise this one?

(Spotted at Bonchester Bridge, Scottish Borders)


  1. Oh yes! I'd freewheeled the bike down a hill and bumpstarted it whilst doing about 10 mph. The 'shock' stripped the splines from centre of the large sprocket behind the clutch. Another bit of high quality MZ design! This must have been about 20 years ago as the bike still had its tank badges (taken off when resprayed and never replaced).

  2. The story didn't end there. Stuart gave me a lift home on the back of his bike and I hired a van to collect my MZ. I got to within 20 miles of the campsite and the clutch on the van failed! I had to get the van recovered, then get a second van to go and get the bike. Who said going to MZ rallies was dull!!

  3. This was sort of my fault. Norman & myself were en route to the MZRC rally at Bonchester Bridge when we stopped to look at the view from the hills above Hawick. I then suggested a "no engine downhill race". When the slope flattened out Norman dropped the clutch to bump start the engine and it went bang. Using some bungee cords I towed Norman the remaining miles to the campsite. This worked ok except for roundabouts that were a bit tricky.