Thursday, 13 June 2013


I woke up this morning to find that someone had cut through the locks on my shed, jimmied the door open, and stolen both my working bikes, as well as some tools and a spare helmet and waterproofs which were lying around.

The police officer who came round to take the details didn't hold out much hope of getting them back as apparently there's a spate of this going on at the moment and nothing has been recovered to date. 

So, goodbye then to my MZ Skorpion Trail (1994) and Triumph Sprint ST 955i (2002). It was nice knowing you!

What is particularly galling is that I came home tonight after work to find some parcels waiting for me inside of which were a new sidestand for the Skorpion and a service kit for the Triumph which I'd ordered last week.


  1. Thats awful . Is it OK if I put them up on FB and anywhere else I can think of.

  2. Very sorry to read of your loss. Often come by from Kawa's blog for a wee looksee. Have posted the links on the 'Thumper Club' site just in case the Skorpion bits come up or someone lies low and then tries to shift it on Fleabay or Gumtree. Hope the insurance come up with the dosh, though it doesn't replace the emotion for an inanimate object.

    My regards, Bill.

  3. Thanks guys,
    Neil: yes, to Facebook etc.
    Bill: agree, even if the insurance does come through the bikes mean more to me than the money. Especially the Skorpion, as I've had it for years and spent loads on it and made all sorts of modifications so that it suits me. It's like someone stole the family pet!
    *Sigh* Meant to be going to France in a couple of weeks. Now I need to get another bike sorted out if I don't want to miss the trip altogether.

  4. Damn Mike! Read this earlier on my phone...hate theives. I had a bicycle stolen last weekend which had me all riled up, but can't compare to the loss of your two runners. Here's hoping they catch the thieves.

  5. Update: the fire brigade were called to the smoking ruins of the Skorpion this morning. It had been torched, so that's that, I'm afraid. Still no word on the Triumph.

  6. Mike, my commiserations - what a sickener having both your bikes stolen. Torching the Skorp - what a waste.

    Hope you can get another bike sorted out for your France trip.

  7. Scum, no other word for them, well I could add a few more but I will restrain myself

  8. Pretty much what Squire Neil has just said though I can think of a lot more words and have a few suggestions on what to do with the pond scum if and when caught, none of which are pleasant but they do involve fire, fish hooks, syrup and ants.