Thursday, 31 March 2022

Cobwebs Update

Further to my earlier post, the new battery for the big Aprilia arrived yesterday, a sealed one from the Motobatt range offering increased output to aid starting. I have used these in the past on other bikes and have never encountered any problems with them.

Replacing the old battery should be a ten-minute job but, as is the way of things, took significantly longer, due to the narrowness of the area in which you have to work and all the other cables and wires which get in the way.

Eventually it was done. Seat back on and a quick run through of the dashboard settings, the clock and the trip meter(s), and making sure that all of the various electrical add-ons worked etc.

Although it says that it comes changed and ready to go, I stuck it on the charger overnight to be on the safe side.

This morning after sorting out the necessary insurance I set off to see about putting it through a MOT (annual inspection). 

Half an hour later it had passed, with one advisory – the numberplate bulb had blown and needed replaced. The bloke at the testing station trusted me to go away and sort this myself, which is more accommodating than some of the folk I’ve had dealings with over the years.

I now actually have two roadworthy bikes for the first time in who knows how many years.

Now all I need to do is sort out some place(s) to go on them.


  1. Hopefully ill have one of the bikes back on the road, mid month, after just over 2 yrs off 2 wheels

    1. It's been a weird couple of years all round.