Tuesday 29 March 2022

Tank Trap

Since the sun was shining, and I had a rare midweek day off, I decided to go for a short trip along the East Lothian coast on the Triumph, avoiding the motorway and staying on smaller roads.

Being a Monday traffic was virtually non-existent and I could bimble along at whatever speed took my fancy just enjoying the rare peace and quiet.

Following the coast road, I stopped to take some photos of some of the concrete WWII tank barriers sprinkled along the shoreline. 

These can be found all along the coast, running from the shoreline back to the road.

Installed to prevent a German Invasion, many of these barriers were built by Polish soldiers who were stationed hereabouts at the time.

After the war most of the other coastal defences, the emplacements and buildings, were eventually removed over time, although there are a couple still to be found here and there if you look carefully. 

The tank traps have mostly been left alone, forgotten and overgrown. Remnants of a not so long ago conflict.

The ones in the forested area are particularly eerie.


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