Sunday, 16 June 2013

Stolen (Part Zwei)

Yesterday morning I went to the recovery yard to see what was left of my bikes as both have now been located. Not as bad as I was expecting.

The story of the Skorpion having been burnt out was a bit misleading. They’d tried to set the bike on fire, but had succeeded in only burning a big hole in the petrol tank, which is melted and beyond useless, but the rest of the bike seems to have been untouched by fire.

Other than that, the damage was quite limited as it hadn’t been dropped like the Triumph. The screen is broken, and so are the handlebars, but I have enough bits to put it back together quite easily. Shouldn't take me more than a long weekend to get it sorted, by the looks of it.

On the other hand, the Triumph had been crashed at speed, with all that this implies – broken fairing, mirrors, indicators, missing footpegs, levers, scraped engine cases etc. It doesn't look too bad in the pictures, but start looking closely enough and it all starts to become horribly apparent. The ignition has also been chopped about with to get it going and I'd be a bit worried about bent forks and frame at this stage. Definitely capable of being fixed, but don’t know if it’s economically worth doing at Triumph prices.

I had been feeling a bit sick at the thought of what had been done to the Skorpion (I haven’t invested as much, emotionally or financially, in the Triumph, so was just a bit pissed that it was gone), but seeing just how little damage was done to it gave me a bit of hope. Now all I have to do is convince the insurance company to give it back to me.