Saturday, 13 August 2011


On my recent adventures I took loads of photos, but there were times when I couldn’t pull over, and so I missed many more than I took. If only I could take photos as I rode along.

At one stop I tightened the bar-end weight up considerably on the throttle side. The idea was to create a sort of friction damper by having the end-cap push against the throttle grip. This would stop the throttle snapping shut once I let go. I’d done this on my outfits years ago as form of cheap ‘cruise-control’. This allowed me to take some photos while in motion. The results were, erm, mixed. A few good shots and many more rubbish ones.

If only I could actually mount the camera to the bike to stop it waving around and spoiling the shot.

Once back I scoured the interweb and found that Ram-Mount did indeed produce a mount for your camera. I ordered one up and it arrived yesterday.

As you can see, it’s basically a plate with a screw fixing for your camera and a 1” ball on the back. 

You screw your camera to the plate using the universal screw mount on the bottom of most cameras, both still and video. The plate is, in turn, clamped to the bike using standard Ram Mount fittings.

I used the existing kit that I’ve been using for my Sat-Nav (Tom-Tom Rider II) to get an idea of how it would all work in practise. I’ll need to figure out the best place to position it for actual use.

As you can see the camera is now mounted facing forward and it should be easy enough to take some pictures as I ride along.

 I’m going to Applecross  in the Scottish Highlands in a couple of weeks and should have everything sorted out by then. So, I’ll take some photos with the new camera set-up and report back on how it all worked out, or not.


  1. Nice one Mike. It'll be great to see the outcome.


  2. I'd loop the strap round the handlebar cross bar, just in case!