Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Soviet Icons (I)

I came across a stack of flyers for assorted Soviet-era bikes sold by Neval Motorcycles of Hull and thought that I'd post them here as someone might be interested.

This first one is for Dnepr 650 sidecar outfits. Pictures on the front and specifications on the rear (click photos for larger sizes).

I was interested enough in these bikes that I eventually bought a Dnepr MT11 solo from Nevals, but that's a story for another day.


  1. I to had/ have an interest in the Soviet bikes, think it was 98 I bought a large collection of parts which the owner said when put together would give me a 1975 Ural 650. Once I had gone through the boxes of stuff it seemed he was right, just a rear mudguard missing. Only worrying thing was there seemed to be about four engines, broken down into very small parts, and as may gearboxes in a similar state.... One day I might build a bike out of the parts, then again... Two years later I had a Chang Jiang 750 in for repair and ended up buying it of the owner once he realised he was the sort of guy who should have bought a Honda. I used that bike for seven years and other than routine servicing it ran well. Its still in one of the sheds awaiting a return to the road, some day.


  2. I really liked the Dnepr, but I didn't have a lot of mechanical experience back then so I should probably have bought a Honda and saved myself a lot of grief.