Wednesday 28 September 2011

Driven to Drink

Ballymoney isn’t a very big town. Besides the memorial garden you might want to visit 'Joey's Bar', the pub which Joey Dunlop used to own, and which is still run by his family.

It’s about 500 yards from the garden, next to the train station.

Unfortunately, whenever I've stopped off in Ballymoney the pub was closed, but I've heard that it does brisk business during the North West 200 races and they apparently do a very good pub-lunch. 


  1. There is that pretty Triumph again. Looks real nice in that setting. What year is it? How have you liked your modern Triumph? I was daydreaming at the Triumph website the other day looking at all the offerings. Sometimes I think I'm ready to get a modern again. My newest is a '78, I believe. Actually started out at the Enfield site. Then thought I'd see how prices and specs compared to the Bonnevilles. Soon I was fantasizing about the full-on Sport and Sport-tourings...and all the great accessories...pretty soon I'm thinking I could buy a really nice car for the money....sigh, oh well. I'd have to get rid of some other bikes first, and probably what I really need is a good solid single cylinder machine for commuting and medium trips.

  2. It's a 2002 Triumph Sprint ST 955i that I bought second-hand a couple of years ago with only 9k miles on the clock.
    It's the most modern machine that I've ever owned and I like it just fine. It makes a pleasant change from all the old strokers that I've run around on over the years, and is streets ahead of the MZ Skorpions that I also own.