Friday 16 September 2011

Old Flame

I recently came across a photo of the first bike that I ever owned.

Honda CB100-N

I bought it from a bloke at work when I got a part-time job. As well as the bike, I insisted he throw in an old helmet.

With 99cc of rip-snorting power at my disposal, and a paperback book on how to actually operate the thing, it allowed me to escape the hell that is public transport.


  1. What year is that bike? I have a CB-100 still, but we got the plain-jane version over here. Not as swoopy looking as the version you received over there. Mine got turned into a dirt bike, and maybe someday It will be returned to stock. Great little bikes.

  2. Something like 1978, can't remember exactly. The CB100 was a bit different to the "-N" model, so maybe you had that one?

  3. Yeah, I believe mine is about a '73. It has the old "CB" rounded tank and covers look, white with red and black panels on the tank. Doesn't have the front disc. I also have a 125 that came with the disc front end, but still with rounded styling...but with the same gas cap cover as the "N". It was always irritating that Honda assumed all Americans wanted "cruiser" style bikes and wouldn't sell us some of the bikes they sold over there.