Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Going Postal

Many countries issue postage stamps featuring motorcycles.

The ones above are from Russia, the bottom ones are from New Zealand.


  1. Got the ones Royal Mail put out a few years back with a Vincent, Rocket 3, etc. Also got the small poster/flyer for the same.

    Not a stamp collector, but might start thinking about collecting motorcycle stamps in the future.

  2. A couple years ago the US put out some Motorcycle stamps...have to visit the Post office and see if they are available still.

  3. Not sure if they are or not Larry, but I did see then on eBay last night.

  4. It seems I saw them in a motorcycle publication, and they were drawn from real life classics owners with their bikes. Can't remember what kind of bikes right now, but it seems like it was an interesting variety. I'll have to check the post offices soon, and see if I can find that mag.