Wednesday 21 September 2011

New British World Beater

I’ve always had a soft spot for the venerable Norton Commando, especially the later versions.

Here are a couple of the 850cc variants that I particularly like that I’ve come across on my travels.

And then there is now the ‘new’ Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer.

These photos were taken at the Stafford Showground last year. And very pretty they are too in their red, black or silver livery.

But would you be willing to part with a whole lot of money in exchange for the promise of one of these?


  1. Had a 77 MKIII E/S model that I bought at Gus Kuhn's in Clapham, London.

    Without a doubt my favorite bike.

    Due to several military based moves, had to let it go.....biggest mistake I had EVER made!!!!

    I want another Commando!!!

  2. There's a used one for sale in Angus Classic Bikes in Forfar, so at least one has been built and sold. Didn't ask the price!

  3. After taking a look at a couple of Norton Owners Club forums, I wouldn't (like I have the money to do so....Not!). They supposedly have made over a hundred of them, but delivery is real slow. They have road tested to great reviews, and they certainly look fantastic (Kudos to Kenny Dreer for the concept bike...).
    Fortunately in my case I have an original 850, and a second project bike. Always have loved Commandos since I first rode a friends back in the college days, a 750 with drum front brake. The sound of those "pea-shooters"...Commandos new or old aren't without their problems, (Ask Gino),but all part of the "classic experience"- I suppose. Mine sits sidelined with a stripped out exhaust thread, and a transmission problem. But it has a lot of miles, so I'm not complaining too much.

  4. A Commando with peashooters is a glorious sound....nothing in the world like it!

  5. Loads of noisy stuff on YouTube. I like this one