Sunday, 3 June 2012

Moto Legende 2012 - Day 8

Day Eight: Wednesday 30th May
Hull, England  to Musselburgh, Scotland
Distance: 256 miles / 412 km

After yesterday's excitement the bike started first time and I manoeuvred myself off the ferry ahead of most of the other bikes. 

members of the Tricycle Club in Hull
Then it was simply a case of making my way through passport control and the small matter of the long trip home. Why is it that the return journey always seems to take twice as long as the outward leg?

As expected, the beautiful weather we'd been experiencing for the last week became a thing of the past as I headed north. By the time I reached Newcastle it had turned grey and overcast and before long the mist had rolled in and it started to rain. Ah, yes, there really is no place like Home!

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