Thursday, 28 July 2011


I reckon that a single entry detailing the whole trip in full would be far too long to wade through, so I've decided to do it more like individual diary entries, one for each day of the journey. That's how my notes are arranged, so I think that it makes sense to do it that way, with possibly a couple of the 200+ photos that I took to illustrate things. The rest of the photos may make an appearance in due course.

Just before I left I had been reading "Oz: Around Australia on a Triumph", a book by Geoff Hill & Colin O'Carroll, and the authors had tried to come up with a song to best express how their day had went. I thought that it might be amusing to have a soundtrack to my own travels.

When you ride a bike you've often got too much time in your own head. I often find myself singing old songs (badly) to pass the time. Sometimes they're just something that I've heard on the radio and find difficult to dislodge, other times the scenery or weather or the like suggest a particular tune.

I've added a different song for each day of the trip, and they're really a mix of both. If you're not familiar with the tunes mentioned, you can try looking them up on YouTube. 


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