Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dr. Who

On a trip to a rally in Wales about 10 years ago I had to stop and take a picture of this road sign which has a Dalek on it, which I thought was pretty neat. It was to direct visitors to the nearby Dr.Who exhibition. I settled for taking some photos of the sign and didn’t bother with the museum as I have never really liked Dr. Who that much anyway

MZ Skorpion 660 Traveller
(as an aside, I showed the picture to a friend who hails from the US. He’d no idea what a Dalek was, American TV networks never having shown the original Dr. Who series when he was a child, preferring endless re-runs of ‘I Love Lucy’ instead. He was a bit puzzled as to why I thought that a road sign with a picture of a dustbin playing a clarinet on it was somehow interesting/funny?)


  1. Where does your American friend hail from, Iowa...? (just kidding Iowans...). On the local public TV channel, you could watch Dr. Who. I'd catch it occasionally, but became confused/bemused as Dr.Who was always changing bodies. I preferred the Monty Python stuff and some of the other British comedy shows that were run.

  2. He was from New Hampshire and was in his 'sixties. Does that explain anything?

  3. Not really much of a Dr. Who follower, much like Star Trek/Star Wars.....though there were some nice looking girlies on Dr. Who.

    Monty Python you say Larry? Have got the entire series on DVD plus some others. The PBS stations are good for British comedies and shows, unfortunately on to late to watch due to work the next day.