Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Iron Pig

This was the first MZ model that was officially imported into the UK by Wilf Green Motorcycles of Sheffield beginning in 1972.

MZ ES250/2 ‘Trophy’
Evolved from the previous ES250/1 model, the MZ ES250/2 was introduced in 1967. But where its predecessor was more rounded, the ES250/2 was an angular beast, which may be one reason East German motorcyclists claimed the “ES” stood for Eisen-Schwein, or “Iron Pig.” 

Show Winner
The machine boasted a 243cc air-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine, and utilized a pressed steel body with Earles type front suspension. This front suspension set-up meant that instead of diving on heavy braking the front end actually rose up. This is quite good for sidecar use, but can take some getting used to for folk used to a more conventional arrangement on a solo machine.

I actually used to own one of these machines. I remember it best for its rather unusual styling, idiosyncratic handling, pitiful brakes and marginal electrics. However, it was quite fun to ride and certainly turned heads.

Having sold it to one friend it eventually turned up again in the ownership of another, but this time with a diesel engine and a snazzy paintjob.

MZ Riders Club stand at Scottish Motorcycle Show 2011
side by side comparison

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