Monday, 12 December 2011

US Bike Show

Some more pictures sent my way by Triumph USA. These are from a couple of different shows, and I like that they are quite happy to include other makes on their site.

 Bonneville Performance Street Tracker

Commando 961 'Cafe Racer'

'Brown Sugar' - 1964 TR6R custom

Guzzi V7 'Racer'

Thruxton custom from Eurocycles

Typical Triumph customers


  1. If only a certain Triumph customer I know was as good looking. LOL


  2. Good to hear that Triumph are going to lend factory backing to the Bonneville Performance outfit here in the states. I got to talk to the Bonneville Performance folks at the Sacramento mile this last summer. They were talking about how they were in negotiations with Triumph for backing at that point. They were making enough power to break stock parts back then. I've read at a few places some people don't consider the new Bonnie a good starting point for performance. It looks like these guys are proving them wrong. Looking forward to watching the coming race season myself.