Wednesday 7 December 2011

Silver Jubilee

 I remember the Queen’s Silver Jubilee as a child in 1977, we got a day off school to celebrate.
At that age I wasn't even aware of the Triumph Co-operative at Meriden, which was busily churning out Bonnevilles in the last dying throes of the British Motorcycle industry.

This is a UK spec 1977 T140J (Silver Jubilee) Bonneville which is in the new Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

The Silver Jubilee bikes were launched as a limited edition of 1,000 in USA and an additional 1,000 in UK specification (plus 400 for Commonwealth export) version of the T140V, produced to commemorate the 1977 Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 

This one sports a sticker for Glasgow dealers Victor Devine

Quickly established as a collector’s item, each machine was supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Advert for the US version of the T140J

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  1. I remember seeing one in Virginia around 82-83 in a parking lot an d thought it looked really nice, different from most Triumph offerings of the day.