Saturday 10 December 2011


I hadn’t listened to this album in absolutely ages. Status Quo get a hard time of it, but this is from the period when they actually played decent music.

Status Quo: Live at Glasgow Apollo (1976)
In the good old days, when music came on vinyl and an album with a gatefold sleeve was really something to behold, this particular album was on constant rotation. So much so that it got scratched up quite badly, but not enough to stop me listening to it.

I actually miss the crackles and hisses now that I have it on CD.

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  1. Everyone who was at the Apollo concert that the live album was recorded at was given an 'I'm on the Quo album' sticker. When I was at college, one of the other students was very proud of his sticker which he had on his scooter. I would imagine that these stickers are very valuable now with collectors offering silly prices.