Monday 13 June 2011

Finished Product

Right, that's the bike back together, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

Remember, I started with a fully-faired MZ Skorpion Traveller (see above)

and ended up with an un-faired MZ Skorpion 'Trail' (well, that's what I'm calling it).

As you can see from the second picture I have added a small flyscreen and some mirrors, and it may not be finished there as I recently picked up a second-hand belly pan which might yet get fitted before the summer is over.

While this work was done with a specific purpose in mind, another big part of the reason for the change was my purchase of a Triumph Sprint ST 955i a little over a year ago. 

‘ST’ stands for ‘Sports Tourer’, and with luggage fitted it did everything that the Skorpion Traveller did, but better. As I no longer had a need for the Traveller as a touring bike, changing it into something completely different made perfect sense to me. It stops life getting too boring.

So, bottom line. How much did this transformation cost, both in terms of time and money? Timewise I managed the whole thing over a couple of weekends and the occasional late night in the shed. Financially, I’m not too sure. The most expensive single item was the fork riser kit, with pretty much everything else being sourced second-hand from eBay or from the depths of one of the many boxes of 'stuff' cluttering up my shed. anyway, I deliberately gave up keeping track of what I’ve spent on this particular bike a long time ago. Let’s just say that it was less than buying a Honda Africa Twin or comparable machine, which had been one option early on.

With the bike now ready, time to start thinking about all those other pesky things that I'll need for the trip to Norway, like a decent sleeping bag etc.

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