Sunday 12 June 2011

Over The Bar

To attach my newly painted handlebars to the bike I bought a Raask Handlebar Riser kit. This wasn't cheap, but the standard clamps are no use for tubular handlebars and you need something else if you're going to mount a set to your bike.

The kit comprises a pair of clamps and a set of risers which provide a standard housing suitable for most 7/8" diameter 'bars, as well as all the bolts necessary, although I replaced all of these with stainless ones.

The Raask clamps come in either 25mm or 33mm heights, apparently a minimum of 25mm is needed to clamp securely onto the forks, and in a range of diameters to fit most forks. 

For the Skorpion I chose the 33mm height option, as that was pretty much what the old clamps used, with a fork leg diameter of 41mm.

Fitting them was fairly straightforward, if a bit longwinded. 

You remove everything from your existing handlebars, then loosen the old clamps where they are fitted onto the top of the fork legs and lift these clear too. 

Then it's just a case of fitting the new clamps, attaching the risers and fitting your handlebars. Re-fit the switchgear and other furniture which will, if you're very lucky, fit straight back on. You then adjust the handlebars to your preferred riding position and tighten everything back up.

Due to my new handlebars being taller and wider than standard, I did worry about the possibility of the wiring and the cables being too short or getting kinked. Although I did have to re-route practically everything, with the tank off it wasn't too traumatic, I didn't need to buy longer cables. Annoyingly the one thing that didn’t fit back on was the front brake line. This was pulled just a little too tight and had to be replaced as part of the front brake upgrade.

The end result is a set of taller, wider handlebars and a much altered riding position. This will show up better on later posts/pictures.


  1. What was the rise on the bars you used?



    1. Sorry, Steve, but I'm not too sure as the bars were something that I had lying around. From looking at them now I'd reckon that they are something around 3.5" - 4.0".

  2. Do you remember where you ordered these?

  3. Seem to remember that I got them from Busters Online -