Sunday 19 June 2011


I did say that it was likely that I hadn't finished with the Skorpion. This morning saw me add a sheepskin seat cover to try and make journeys a bit more comfortable. I'd heard good things about them, so thought that I'd give it a try myself at some point. 

The one I bought is intended for motorcycle seats and came from an online company called Lambland, which I found through a BMW riders forum. I chose the natural (white) option, but you could go for black if you prefer. 

It does require some work as all you get is the fleece, there's nothing to attach it to your saddle. I sewed some lengths of elastic to the underside of the fleece with heavy-duty waxed thread so that, once slipped over the saddle, it doesn't slide about when you're riding.

I have yet to do any serious mileage on it, but will report back on my impressions once I do.

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